Things to remember when dating an Ex

dating an EX

Normally, getting back with an Ex invariably brings bad news and with that brings a lot of heartaches. However, they also say that pain changes people and if you two broke up for silly reasons (that probably felt bug at the time) then maybe it’s worth rekindling an old flame? Although, I definitely think that it is worth looking through some online dating sites before making this sort of decision as there are hundreds of single men and women out there. But as you are here to find out the things to consider when dating an ex, read on for three main things to think over.

Remember why you broke up with them

Keeping this one in mind could save a lot of heartache in the future (just in case they try to do it again). It can be for many reasons why you two broke up and the severity of the reason should determine if they are still worth your time and love. If they cheated on you then it perhaps isn’t worth your effort, and this is because they obviously did not respect you in the first place. Getting back with someone who cheated on you never seems to work out o the long run and putting yourself in the same position again to get hurt just isn’t worth it.

However, if it is something a little less serious and perhaps was just a misunderstanding then maybe giving things another go won’t be too bad. As long as you stay true to yourself throughout and you don’t let them get away with the same things then the relationship should work.

Take things slow

As you two have a history, getting back into a relationship could mean that you go straight back to where you left off. The reason this is a bad thing is that you will encounter a lot of commitment and intensity when the relationship clearly needs working on first. To avoid this try to make sure that you go on some casual dates beforehand and build the bond up from there. Going straight into things may bring things to an abrupt end again and leave you feeling worse than before.

Try new things

Bringing in new traditions or favorites to a relationship can really help to give it a new lease of life and a fresh slate to work from. To do this try going to new places or try out new restaurants that neither of you have been to before. Maybe even change up your usual plans on the weekend for something else. Maybe every Sunday you could go for your morning coffee at a café? Little things like that will really help renew the relationship.

If all else goes to fail then maybe dating an Ex wasn’t for you and now is your chance to get straight back into the dating game. Like I said earlier online dating is a good way of easing yourself back into things. Who knows what sort of men and women you might meet.

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